From childhood on, Lou has been a creative jack-of-all-trades, she maintains her own imagination through her artistic explorations in both making video installations, writing visual diaries, creating dream characters through drawings and contributing to a better consumer society through offering sustainable streetwear. So, you can say that a creative challenge has its energy.

Lou De Buck by Laura Van Belle
Lou De Buck by Feline De Coninck

Feline De Coninck

Lou meets Feline between graduation and wandering. There is a connection between the two, not as best friends, but in a professional way. Every few years they agree to take some pictures for Feline's new work.

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Lou De Buck snoepwinkel article nieuwsblad


Five-day video exhibition of 23-year-old Lou De Buck. With this short show moment, De Buck is getting ready for Brutt-ell, a second exhibition in Zebrastraat.

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During the audiovisual exhibition, Lou De Buck and 3 other KASK students each zoom in on an element of their environment in their own way.

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Lou De Buck BOBBY C collab


Bob Caussyn is a singer songwriter at BOBBY C and has ambition. To bring attention to their new single, they are looking for a video maker. Poof there is Lou. Both have previously worked together on a music video for their very first single YES / NO.

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KASK, Ghent 2013 – 2016Master degree of Audiovisual Arts – Specific Teachers EducationKASK, Ghent 2012 – 2014Master degree of Fine Arts – Media ArtKASK, Ghent 2009 – 2012Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media ArtKASK, Ghent 2007 – 2009Bachelor of FilmSecundair Kunstinstituut, Ghent 2005 – 2007Visual Art (Video/Photography)

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