Lou De Buck makes video portraits that balance between documentary and fiction. Typical are the fixed camera angles in which the viewer has a direct view into someone's life. The artist searches for characteristics and enlarges them. Her work is always a reflection of chance encounters.

Lou De Buck by Mara Standaert

Lou De Buck is a creative art director and social entrepreneur. Born and raised in Ghent with a specialization in video production.Lou has had a great fascination for video since childhood. During high school she took the step to follow an audiovisual education. In 2015 she graduated as a teacher of audiovisual arts. In 2017, Lou started creating valuable video content marketing through her company VideoMe. In addition to her passion for video, she also has a passion for textiles and sustainability. In 2020 she launched a basic unisex T-shirt made from 100% hemp. With Hemptees you support our planet and local makers.In a nutshell: Lou is authentic, sustainable and stubborn.


Collaborations with makers in which Lou supports the elaboration audiovisually. Thinking and developing concepts, directing, filming, editing, mixing live video and processing the video in an installation.

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