Lou De Buck by Feline De Coninck

Feline De Coninck

Lou meets Feline between graduation and wandering. There is a connection between the two, not as best friends, but in a professional way. Every few years they agree to take some pictures for Feline's new work.

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Lou De Buck snoepwinkel article nieuwsblad


Five-day video exhibition of 23-year-old Lou De Buck. With this short show moment, De Buck is getting ready for Brutt-ell, a second exhibition in Zebrastraat.

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During the audiovisual exhibition, Lou De Buck and 3 other KASK students each zoom in on an element of their environment in their own way.

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Lou De Buck BOBBY C collab


Bob Caussyn is a singer songwriter at BOBBY C and has ambition. To bring attention to their new single, they are looking for a video maker. Poof there is Lou. Both have previously worked together on a music video for their very first single YES / NO.

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