Lou & Friends

Nerds & activism

Lou is a kiddy and nerdy girl with weird friends. This illustration series is like a diary in which an odd activist boyfriend appears.

lou & friends lou

Hello, I am Lou, at home I have a small video studio where I like to experiment and improvise. Each time I start from an image or text, linked to a specific theme.

Every now and then I invite people, usually from my (in) immediate environment. At that time I am primarily a director and observer. I look at how people move and their expression is. When I feel this is something, we will continue to work on it. It is often a short intense session from which poetic images emerge. During assembly I try to intervene as little as possible. Sometimes a sounding board or text is added to accompany the theme.

Try to let go of the space, let the time be, listen to the silence and feel the image on your retina

lou & friends Bobo
lou & friends Olli
lou & friends zjeb