Doobheads. 2019.

Hang out

Group of close friends that hang out. Skate. Debate.

These Doobheads originated from youth sentiment. As a child, Lou spent hours in nature or almost literally stuck to the TV screen. With The Simpsons, Beavis & Butthead, Daria, Rocket Power in mind, Lou wants to make the daily routine accessible to young people.

‘I secretly love my Doobhead characters and want to make them lively. So I set the bar high for myself by wanting to turn it into an animated series. It’s my very first string, so be careful with the comments and support. I hope you will like it, I am already looking forward to it! Made with love. xoxo ‘

Hello doobie! Wanna hang out and meet other doobheads? Stick around, grab your board and let’s surf on the interweb.

Doobhead 1:
Hey doobhead, you still hangin’?
Doobhead 2:
Im gonna party tonight …so be there.
Doobhead 1:
Ok, can’t wait.
doobheads 43 © lou de buck
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