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Sustainable streetwear based on hemp.Support our planet & her peepz

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Good 4 planet, good 4 people.

Hemptees is sustainable streetwear based on hemp. Inspired by the surf and skate culture. An affordable basic t-shirt, which is also ecological. A Hemptees T-shirt is made from 100% hemp with a comfortable fit. A silky soft texture that feels pleasant against the skin. Classic unisex fit with relaxed neckline.

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Traditionally printed with natural ink!
Based on hemp. Made on earth.
“Love for sustainable fashion”

Good 4 planet - Good 4 People.

Hemp is naturally vermin resistant, grows fast and needs little water. No aggressive chemicals are needed to make fibers out of it. That gives us these incredibly soft, tough, good looking shirts that are friendly to our planet at the same time.



Our mission is to get microplastics and pesticides out of our drinking water and our oceans.

With Hemptees we want to challenge our generation to do good. Hemptees has taken steps to develop a sustainable clothing line for the people that respect our planet.

Created in Belgium

Design and plant-dyeing traditionally processed by Lou De Buck. Screen printing in collaboration with Camping Penrose in Ghent, Belgium. The production of hemp textile is illegal in Belgium and many other countries. We work with an experienced manufacturer specializing in hemp appeal that meets the requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard. We’re also working on getting 100% hemp fabric that comes from Europe.


Hemptees x

Hemptees are available in white, plant dyed or screen printed with artwork by a local artist. One for young and old, one for everyone.

  • Hemptees x Original
  • Hemptees x Plant Dyed
  • Hemptees x Local Artist
  • Hemptees x Plant Dyed Local Artist
  • Hemptees x Custom Logo

Support our planet& her peepz

With Hemptees your supporting our future with clean (pesticide and microplastic free) water and also give a canvas to local artists. Pre-orders via bl33p.
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