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Designed and inspired by the youth culture. Sustainable streetwear based on hemp. Good for our planet, good for the people.

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Support our planet


Good for our planet, good for the people.

Hemptees is a collection designed and inspired by youth culture. Namely making sustainable streetwear for the conscious youth based on hemp.

A Hemptees T-shirt is made of 100% hemp with a comfortable fit. A silky texture that feels pleasant on the skin. Classic fit with relaxed neckline. The prints are applied with natural paint via screen printing technology.

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Traditionally printed with natural ink!
Based on hemp. Made on earth.
“Love for sustainable fashion”

Made in Belgium with materials of worldwide quality.

Design and colors traditionally processed by Lou De Buck. Screen printing in collaboration with Lieselot Van Daele in Ghent, Belgium. The production of hemp textile is illegal in Belgium and many other countries. That is why we work closely with a certified Chinese manufacturer that adheres to fair trade practices.

Hemp T-shirts are a fundamental way to represent your support for our earth and the environment.

Hemp is naturally vermin resistant, grows fast and needs little water. No aggressive chemicals are needed to make fibers out of it. That gives us these incredibly soft, tough, good looking shirts that are friendly to our planet at the same time.

You may wonder, isn't hemp textile rough to wear?

Not at all! It is soft in its own special way. Just like a good wine, these shirts get better with age. Just like people, they improve by being loved. Hemp performs great in cooler climates because it is insulating, but it is also breathable, so it is equally suitable for warmer weather and moderate activity.


Try one, but be warned, they are addictive!

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