What about Lou?

From childhood on, Lou has been a creative jack-of-all-trades, she maintains her own imagination through her artistic explorations in both making video installations, writing visual diaries, creating dream characters through drawings and contributing to a better consumer society through offering sustainable streetwear. So, you can say that a creative challenge has its energy.

Imagination through artistic explorations.

As a young girl, Lou discovers a video camera in her attic and records everything she encounters. She puts the barbies aside and the video camera becomes her new pair of eyes for dealing with the world.

On her own, she searches and experiments with a few images to tell a story. Every film is analyzed and she goes in search of the essence of making an image. As a teenager, she became distanced from the world of her classmates, there was a lot of drama at home and she was bored at school immensely. Despite the home drama, Lou gets support from her mom to study audiovisual education.

Lou De Buck by Mel Ricquier

A new world opens up and she goes on discovery, but remains hungry.

Maybe making a movie is not what gives Lou energy, but facilitating and coming up with the concept? The field of study is too limited and a school context makes it difficult to process everything, at home and in the relationship it is also not easy. Lou goes networking in her own way to make video material for bands and companies. The bands are great for experimenting with images that generate emotions. The companies are an experience to work in a professional context.

Lou De Buck by Laura Van Belle
Lou De Buck by Rembert De Prez
Lou De Buck by Alexander Deprez

Graduation is expected to continue studying ...

Lou is allowed to study film. The pressure is high and the combination of a relationship, work, assignments and exams becomes too much for Lou. She gets a slump and the teachers’ comments don’t make it any better. Through her studies she gets to know an experimental studio in the same faculty and seizes her chance. It is a year of rediscovery and self-exploration. She is given the time and space to develop herself. During these studies she makes many video installations and uses exhibition spaces to show her work. For example, she was allowed to present her video work in the Vooruit, Zebrastraat, Rockoxhuis, PC Guislain and Victoria Deluxe.


KASK, Ghent 2013 – 2016Master degree of Audiovisual Arts – Specific Teachers EducationKASK, Ghent 2012 – 2014Master degree of Fine Arts – Media ArtKASK, Ghent 2009 – 2012Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media ArtKASK, Ghent 2007 – 2009Bachelor of FilmSecundair Kunstinstituut, Ghent 2005 – 2007Visual Art (Video/Photography)

meiske sfeer geschrevenbeeld
Lou De Buck by Alexander Deprez

The studies went well and the Masters degree was in the pocket, but what now?

You cannot survive making video art alone. Then get a teacher diploma to teach video art yourself. No sooner said than done. Once she graduated, she was allowed to work to teach crafts to a class on Wednesday afternoons. To fill the other days, she started a video venture with Zjef and Thibault. The 12 steps to farming is an e-course in which you learn everything you need to set up a vertical or short-chain farm yourself. It was a moment of a lot of traveling, filming, editing, marketing with hardly any income. The course is online and the project has been completed. Stubborn like Lou is, she wants to continue video productions and she founded VideoMe. At VideoMe you can go for video production, branding, marketing or a personal, tailor-made process to become a video maker yourself. The company receives attention and entrepreneurs from Ghent take the step to video marketing. The shoe pinches there.

Lou De Buck by Feline De Coninck

The craving for creative challenges is growing.

The realization that we live in times where sustainability, value and tolerance are on a thread. More and more people are taking steps in the right direction. Young people understand the impact if they group together and convey a common message, namely ‘save the planet – stop consumerism’. Lou wants to support the young generation and challenge them at the same time. On the one hand, she takes the step herself in developing a sustainable clothing line for young people and on the other hand, she offers a channel for entrepreneurship with video. In her free time she continues to make creative work to contain the concept of time through video, writing, drawings and textiles.

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Lou De Buck by Feline De Coninck
Lou De Buck by Feline De Coninck
Lou De Buck by Nathalie Nijs